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10 Steps To A Successful Escrow

Buying or selling a home, here are ten steps to make sure things run smoothly in your escrow: Select a qualified licensed Realtor to represent you. Choose an Independent Escrow Provider – Like EscrowNet! Remember only independ...

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A Guide To The Escrow Process

Opening Process Provide a copy of the purchase contract and all counters/addendums. Escrow verifies with each agent or party prior to issuing Escrow Instructions. The Selling Agent should deposit the good faith deposit into Escro...

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About Escrow – Questions & Answers

What is an Escrow? When opening an escrow, the buyer and seller of a piece of property establish terms and conditions for the transfer of ownership of that property. These terms and conditions are given to a neutral third-party known as th...

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Seller/Buyer Generally Pays For

The Seller generally pays for: Real Estate Commission Notary fees Title Insurance Premium Escrow Fee (seller’s portion) Document preparation fee for Deed Documentary transfer tax ($ 1.10 per $1000.00 of sales price) ...

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Who Pays What? Buyer & Seller Fees

Typical Buyer & Seller Fees for Southern California. Please be aware some fees may be negotiable between the parties. Item Conventional Sale FHA Sale VA Sale Real Estate Commission Seller Seller Seller C....

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Ways To Hold Title

How to Hold Title: Title to real property may be held by a single individual or entity, known as Sole Ownership, or by two or more individuals and/or entities known as Co-Ownership. Examples of common ways to hold title are listed below. (Own...

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